What Makes the First Love so Special

First love is one of the few things most people end up cherishing throughout their lives. There's something about the age which is usually between 12-16 that makes it magic in the minds of countless young people. These are, to tell the truth, the wonderful years of a person's life, and almost everyone adores the life they experience in this age.
This adolescent or pre-adolescent years are also the ones in which people start feeling their sexuality. The eclectic mix caused by the age, the hormones, the Mills and Boons romance books awake a strong wish to experience love for the first time.

It Represents Our Youth

Love itself is one of the most cherished and pleasant emotions a person ever experiences. It soothes, it heals, it helps, and it makes you feel special. Though love is an emotion a person experiences several times during his or her life, first love is something really, really special.

You Experience Love for the First Time

When you experience love for the first time, you feel an emotion that you have never felt before. It's a feeling that is both at once so gentle and pleasing and yet agonizing too. In a single word, an appropriate description of first love would be "it's magical."

When First Love Is Also Last Love

And for the few fortunate people out there, their first love also happens to be their last. If this is the case, then it is truly a "made for each other" affair. It is something out of this world comparable more to holy love, something divine rather than the love most of us ordinary mortals enjoy.

The Awakening of the Senses

Every mention of cuddling up, kissing, and making love make most of us blush. Then think how wonderful it must be to experience all those things for the very first time in your life, in real life! It indeed is pretty exciting. This is one of the strongest attractions of first love.

First Love Stands out by Its Innocence

First love also stands out by its innocent nature. When we love for the first time, we don't make calculations, there's no self-interest accompanying out the love that can potentially ruin the beautiful sanctity of the relationship. We are there to enjoy the bliss of being there in the garden, accompanied by all the flowers. First love is typically innocent and pure.

You Learn to Take Collective Decisions

Another great and important thing about first love is that you start making decisions that affect you as a couple rather than as an individual person. It teaches you to compromise on your own interests and opinions in favor of your beloved's wellbeing and betterment.
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