The black blizzard essay

This story takes place in Colorado in the mid 1930s. Michael was a 12-year-old boy who was living with his family on his farm. One day, Michael woke up ecstatic to go play with his friends from school and you could tell that if you saw the smile on his face when he woke up. What Michael didn’t know was that there was a super big dust storm that looked like as big as a skyscraper was coming at him and their family. He first saw the storm from his windows his face looked as if he had just seen a dead body, then the storm hit his house and then it broke almost everything in the house. Mike’s mom had the face of a person who had just almost died and the first thing she did was try to get to her kids. Glass crashes everywhere, it was hard to breathe and walk through the debris. The house was a mess the wall was on the floor, their furniture was thrown around and it made Mike’s sister horrified at the sight of what she just witnessed. The only good thing was that they had cloth so they could leave and cover their mouth. This was the beginning of many storms that lead to a great drought. Mike’s grandma also died from the air of the blizzard. 

Mike’s family wasn’t rich, so they didn’t have money to buy a new house, so they went to migration camps in California in1936. The first week was really bad because when mike when to school other students would call mike “mentally retarded”.Mike didn’t tell anyone but he used to cry because of school. He was really agitated on how the kids were treating him but he couldn’t do anything because of his status. His mom and dad had to pick up jobs at the local farm. His little sister wasn’t as lucky as him so she didn’t get enrolled into a school. Mike however, got kicked out of school anyways because a rich kid wanted to get in and he paid them more. This resulted in Mike picking up a job near the farm. MIke didn’t know it then, but this would be one of the best choices of his life.

A couple weeks later mike was at the farm when his boss said “ go get some water, looks like the cows are thirsty”. Mike being the good worker he was he went and got the bucket and started getting to the river. Mike got to the river when he noticed something that was kind of shiny. He decided to get a closer look and moved closer when he realized that he had just stumbled on gold a lot of gold, his face lit up with happiness as he realized he wasn’t going to be poor anymore. Mike hid the gold and didn’t tell his family until they got home because he didn’t want the boss taking any of it. When they realized that they had about 4 pounds of gold they decided to auction it and someone bid 2 million. 2 million was so much money back then and would be worth around 35 million nowadays.

  The first thing he did was buy his family a house because they were living in a really small room. From that day on he worked hard everyday until sweat was dripping down his face. Mike became a billionaire and made a charity foundation which helped people like him who were coming into an unfamiliar situation. The day he opened that charity was the happiest day of his life because seeing all the people that made fun of him applause and cheer for him made him happy. Mike had a long and happy life and died at the old age of 98. There was a lot of things Mike said that inspired me but the most important he said was “ doesn’t matter where you are from hard work and dedication can get you anywhere.”

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