Personality is a unique way a person thinks, feels, and acts throughout lifespan. The consistency of who you are, have been, and will become. My type is ESTJ. It is defined as bold, outgoing person whose attention is directed outward. Thinking and making decisions on logic and analysis. Being planned and organized approaching life. Some careers are Stockbroker, Real Estate Agent, Sales manager, ect. 

Extraverts are associated with the outer world. It focuses on perception and judgment on people and objects. The test shows that I am 47 percent extravert. Introverts are associated with the inner world and they focus on perception and judgment upon concepts and ideas. I agree with it but i can be more than 47 percent extrovert because I am an outgoing person and it makes me feel better about myself. Being comfortable interacting with people makes me strong of a person. Interacting with people and communicating is part of my life. For example, Iwork with my dad in real estate and it involves communication. Helping other and explaining works for me. Ten years from now I would definitely still be an extrovert, my percentage would stay the same or go up. Just bc of work when I get older, i'm still going to be involved with communicating with people. But on the other hand I would definitely like to have some free time for myself.

One may rely on the process of sensing, which the test showed that I am 16 percent sensing. Sensing is an observable fact happening through a few of the five senses (taste, sight, touch, smell and hearing). The people who rely on intuition, they focus on meaning , relationships and possibilities have been figured out from the reach of the conscious mind. I believe that the percentage was low because i rely on the five senses more than 16% percent. I like things to be clear, and straightforward. Everything has to be clear and in order. For example, with school, work and my daily life I would not be relaxed without the organization I manage. With using the five senses I also manage my diet, which plays a role in my health. In ten years I Can see myself continuing with my routine and improving and being better with it. A possibility is going towards intuition, just for trying to new things and having new ways to do thing especially with technology changing. 

A person may think to decide impersonally on the basis of logical consequences, versus another who may rely on feelings to decide personal or social values.The test rated me 1% thinking over feeling which is split both ways. I agree with that because thinking is about being honest and being fair. Its accurate bc I do take some things personally. On the other hand with feeling I am very forgiving, I tune in into what people tell me and I make people happy with their decisions. In 10 years I can see myself the same. I don’t see it changing just because of the way I am. For example, with family and friends I see myself as a non-licensed therapist just bc im there for the person and I try to help every way possible.

A person who prefers judgment has a preference for using a judgement process for dealing with the outside world. A person who prefers perception has a preference for using a perceptive process for dealing with the outside world. The test results show that I prefer judgment 19 percent more than perceiving. Judgment states that it gets things done, working steadily and determined to get things done. On the other hand with perceiving shows that its working on the deadline, flexible and open minded. I agree with it because that's the definition of me. When I make a decision I don't bail, and if there's an assignment i make sure it gets done. But; I work on deadline. In 10 years I can see myself improving on timing because working on deadline can cause a backup of a lot of things and become behind. Besides that i feel like I will stay the same with myself.

My type from the test is ESTJ. Extrovert is a person being Bold, outgoing and attention being directed outward. Thinking and making decisions on logic and analysis. Being planned and organized approaching life.